About surround sound


With surround sound, heard in many popular movies, you can pan an audio mix around a room. 5.1 surround sound, requires five speakers, plus one low frequency subwoofer (LFE). To properly preview a 5.1 surround-sound mix, your computer must have a sound card with at least six outputs, and the speakers must be connected and positioned as follows:

• Output 1: Front left speaker.

• Output 2: Front right speaker.

• Output 3: Front center speaker.

• Output 4: LFE.

• Output 5: Left surround speaker.

• Output 6: Right surround speaker.

To accurately monitor low frequencies, configure the LFE subwoofer to reflect your audience’s surround system. For example, Digital Theater System (DTS) typically uses a crossover frequency of 80 Hz, routing all content below that frequency to the subwoofer. However, most Dolby® Digital systems use a crossover of 120 Hz. Some systems also boost the LFE channel by 10 dB, emphasizing low-frequency content.

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