Top 10 Best Voice Actors

Top 10 Best Voice Actors


Voice actors are often forgotten infact creating this was difficult because there were so many people that should be mentioned in this list. So to make it fair I had to stick to people who stood out more than the others. This was a LONG list that took time to sift away the truly unique voice actors.

10) Tom Kenny

Most people know him as Spongebob Squarepants but he has actually been voice acting since 1989.  He is also a very great standup comedian who has a large range of adult humor.  The story of how he got Spongebob Squarepants’ came from a little person who applied for a role in a movie and found that he was a very mean person to work with. He also is well known for doing announcer roles back on Rocko’s Modern Life and has even done roles for: Transformers, Catdog, Fosters home for imaginary friends, Wild Thornberrys, and an old childhood favorite of mine Cow and Chicken.  For one episode he also played Death on Family Guy and is uncredited for the role.  Tom Kenny is also featured as the voice of Otto in Rob Zombies upcoming Animated feature The Haunted World of El Superbeasto (Whenever it comes out!)

9) Carlos Alazraqui

Known by most as Deputy James Garcia on Reno 911 (seasons 1 through 5) or the taco bell dog Carlos has another impressive history that most people fail to realize.  He has been doing childrens shows and movies and has been known to do flawless voices of various regions around the world on a dime which takes serious talent.  Another well known role by my generation would be Rocko from Rocko’s Modern Life and also did a myriad of other voices for the show (you will find this to be very common as you read on).  Carlos is also a very funny standup comedian who has had specials air on Comedy Central.

8 ) Mark Hamill

People always will think of his iconic role as Luke Skywalker but he has done a long range of voice actor roles throughout the years.  He is well known for portraying a very insidious role as the Joker for the 90’s version of batman and recently reprised his role as the Joker in the video game Batman: Arkham Asylum.  He is now working on Adult Swim hits such as Metalocalypse playing TV Narrators, News Anchors, and Senator Stampingston.  His work on Robot Chicken is most well known since he plays Luke Skywalker on the Star Wars specials.  The second Star Wars special recently came out on DVD and is a very entertaining movie to check out.  He has also played a role in Futurama and has done various childrens shows and also narrated for Call of Duty 2. 

7) Brendon Small

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Writer, director, composer, and has played a role on almost every show on adult swim.  Currently Small is working on Metalocalypse and co-created the idea.  He also does most of the voices for the main characters of Metalocalypse; Nathan Explosion, Pickles, and Skwisgaar Skwigelf.  He has also played several roles for Venture Brothers including Sgt. Hatred and Action Johnny.  Smalls is currently wrapping up the second Dethalbum were he played all of the bass guitar, guitar, and vocal tracks.  The previous Dethalbum was the highest placing death metal album of all time debuting at #21 on the billboard charts selling 33,000 albums in its first week.  Ironically this album is a comedic death metal album.   Small also goes on tour regularly and plays all of the hit songs from Metalocalypse selling out venues all over the United States.  The song Thunderhorse is featured on Guitar Hero 2 and is considered to be a tough track by most players.  YouTube is littered with videos of Small playing these songs and even has videos showing how to make the tracks.

6) Tress MacNeill

Most people don’t know who she is but most people reguard her as the most talented women in the voice over industry.  Her work is most recognized on the Simpsons and plays various roles on the show including Cookie Kwan and Skinners mom Agnus.  She was featured on over 300 episodes of the Simpsons.  She is currently playing Daisy on Mickey Mouse’s clubhouse and is featured on many Disney shows.  She also plays several reoccurring roles on Futurama and also played Babs Bunny in Tiny Toons.  Her history is impressive if you are bored IMDB her sometime and look at the extensive list of roles she has played.

5) Seth MacFarlane

This freakin’ sweet voice actor is well known as Peter Griffin on Family Guy and plays a myriad of main characters, support roles, and one time characters.  He first started though writing for Johnny Bravo and Dexters Laboratory on Cartoon Network which most people don’t know.  He is also a talented well trained singer and has done lounge shows with Alex Borstein (aka. Lois Griffin) in New York and Los Angeles.  Seth also plays several roles on Robot Chicken created by Seth Green especially in the Star Wars special.  He also plays Stan Smith the main character for American Dad and will most likely play several roles for the upcoming Family Guy spinoff The Cleveland Show which is the first primetime animated spinoff.  Seth MacFarlane’s Cavalcade of Comedy is also out on DVD and YouTube and can also be very entertaining.  Most people don’t realize this but he also did the voice of Johann Krauss from Hellboy.  An avid Star Trek fan he played Ensign Rivers on Star Trek Enterprise.

4) Dan Castellaneta

The driving force behind Homer Simpson’s true idiotic voice Dan also plays a myriad of other roles on the Simpsons ranging from Krusty the Clown to Grandpa Simpson.  He is also a very talented actor playing random roles on numerous prime time shows.  The word D’oh became so popular it was added into Webster’s Dictionary several years ago.  He is also a popular standup comedian, ironically in real life Dan doesn’t drink unlike his alcoholic that he plays and is even a vegetarian.  Dan is the only Simpsons cast member to have ever written an episode of the show and now makes $400,000 per Simpsons episode now.  He also has been in Futurama and played several characters including the Robot Devil.


3) Tara Strong

Another person most people have never heard of her work ranges from Disney cartoons to adult cartoons and even anime.  She is most known for playing Bubbles from the Power Puff Girls but I will know her best as Toot Braunstein and Princess Clara from Drawn together.  These two characters were polar opposites in the show both in the way that they behaved.  She has played roles in Boondocks, Rugrats, Ice Age 2.  It is difficult to identify her voice because she has such range and explores the entire spectrum so well.  She also has an elegant signing voice that can be heard on Drawn Together that is very creepy given the subject matter that is included in the song’s lyrics.

2) Billy West

Forever known as Fry from Futurama and various other main to reoccurring characters West has an amazing range of depth and has an approach that really creates a strong character.  When West creates a character he imagines lowest level range of that character to the highest of what he calls “Heaven and Hell” to really create a character that fits within a logical parameter.  He has also portrayed Zim in the original pilot to Invader Zim.  He plays Zapp Brannigan on Futurama a character that was originally going to go to Phil Hartman before his untimely death. He also voice acted for both Ren and Stimpy, his work on the Oblongs was also great because he played a wealthy business owner who really created a fun villain.  He also has a very long and impressive resume

1) Mel Blanc

The man of a thousand voices, best known as Bugs Bunny but he also did the voices for just about every Loony Tunes character.  He is considered to be the Grandfather of cartoon voice over work and has done work that spans from radio plays to movies and eventually television.  He was one of few men who would go on the Johnny Carson show and would actually make Johnny burst into tears of laughter on his own show.  His work is impressive that spans over a long period of time leading up to his death in 1989.  His work with Looney Tunes will always be remembered and although he did act on The Jack Benny program he will always be remembered for his amazing voice which was part of his comedic bits.  YouTube has numerous videos showing his amazing vocal talent and laid the ground work for all voice actors today.  Without him this industry wouldn’t be the same. 

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